Hypnotherapy counseling works for you to help you quit smoking, lose weight, gain greater self-confidence, drop old fears, and reduce anxiety. Just listen to what clients of Renee Mieranu have to say:
"In the tradition of the great teachers throughout the ages, Renee Miereanu gave me the insight and understanding to effect my own cure... for this I am deeply grateful to her... "
-- J. Metz, M.S.,(Realtor) G.R.I., Hawaii
"Renee has taught me a great deal. I now understand what has previously compelled me to sabotage my weight loss and maintenance efforts. I am now quite certain I will be able to maintain my 25 pound weight loss. She has assisted me to painlessly discover and understand amazing "ahas!" about myself. Many aspects of my life have been greatly improved as a result of her work and I am very grateful!"
-- Michele R., Occupational Therapist
I have lost the 30 pounds and kicked a sugar dependency... I have gathered valuable information about myself, foods, diets and overall fitness. Because of Renee's treatment and counseling, I found confidence that I lost years ago when I started gaining the weight. I know that controlling my weight will never again be a problem for me. Renee is a great teacher."
-- E.A. Henderson, Software Engineer
"I decided to do something good for myself to deal with a weight problem that had plagued me from childhood. Since my sessions with Renee Miereanu I have lost 25 pounds... The most impressive issue is that my appetite has diminished and I am dining in more positive and healthy ways. I am not prone to the binges or compulsive eating habits I once had. I understand myself better and am developing life-long, positive eating patterns. I'm thinner than I have been in 10 years!!"
-- Betsy Chung
"Renee's Breathe helped me unravel the truth about my smoking and what it really represented: a way to stand alone, be defiant, protect myself, present an image and control something. All of these things are contrary to what I want. Smoking was my direct link back to an angry, defiant childhood. I carried forth my unhappiness in a pack of cigarettes. What began as a niave act of self preservation was quietly killing me as an adult.
Understanding the complexity of my addiction helped me let it go. I haven't smoked in 12 months and have not wanted to. There is freedom on the other side, but I couldn't see it with a cigarette in my mouth. Renee you rock!"
-- Peter L., Systems Analyst
"If I can stop smoking so can you. Before meeting Renee I had smoked non-stop for 40 years. Now, I can taste and smell the world around me. Now, I can sit through an entire movie. Now, my hair has stopped falling out. Now, I am able to be more sexual. Now, I can wake up without coughing. Now, I can fly around the world. Without Renee's Breathe program none of this would be possible."
-- Frank C. Lull, C.E.O.
"Before meeting Renee I tried (unsuccessfully) many times to stop smoking. I used the gum, Zyban, acupuncture, and cold turkey. The Breathe method was easy, safe, fun and highly effective because it dealt with both sides of addiction: physical and emotional. I would highly recommend her program for any smoker who wishes to quit. I would also highly recommend her as a personal development coach for any change or improvement one seeks to undertake."
-- G. Ratliff, Manager
"Renee is fabulous. She helped me become a person who used to smoke. Her Breathe method worked where nothing else did, including other hypnotherapists. Her work is worth every penny I paid for her assistance. I'm now choosing to be in therapy with her to improve other aspects of my life."
-- David H., Labidary Artist
"If you are reading this testimonial, you have finally decided to no longer have smoking as part of your life. You have tried to stop before using all the other alternatives and were not successful, you next alternative should be with Ms. Miereanu's Breathe Program to stop smoking for good.
Ms. Miereanu's Breathe method changed my whole life for the better. I never knew how wonderful being a person who used to smoke could be. Her approach, sincerity, encouragement and astonishing philosophy guided me to become triumphant. Allow her to assist you to become the successful, long-lasting ex-smoker you can be."
-- P. Gordon, ASL Interpreter
"I would highly recommend Renee Miereanu to anyone feeling as if they just need someone to help them over the bumps in life... Her simple and comfortable ways can smooth the road and just make life easier, more peaceful and better all around."
-- A. Tepper, Travel Agent
"The word 'miracle' keeps coming up although that concept isn't really accepted these days... but given the length of my addiction (40 years), the intensity (1 1/2 packs a day), plus my own doubts due to previous failures, I say my recovery is at the least INCREDIBLE!"
-- K. Koch, RN
"Renee, I thank you so much! You have helped me more than you know! You have helped me find an inner peace, and most important, you've shown me how to keep this peace flowing evenly. Thanks for being such a great friend, counselor and teacher. With Love,"
-- Robin Blake, Fisherman, Alaska
"Since meeting with Renee Miereanu and we think it is an appropriate time to say -- IT'S WORKING!! We have successfully quit smoking and very rarely even think of it. It is something we used to do. Thank you for your help. It's April, 1993 and we are smiling!"
-- (See Two Happy Faces!) Steve and Sandi Fassbender
"After smoking for almost 30 years, I knew I could not quit by myself. Then a major blessing entered my life -- Renee Miereanu. She helped me to save my life. Her technique to stop smoking seemed so simple, other programs I had tried just did not work -- and I tried them all. Within two and one half weeks, I was not smoking anymore and today, March 31, 1994, I am still smoke free. Bless you Renee, from me, my husband, children and grandchildren."
-- Patricia Pryor, California
"After thirty years as a smoker and countless attempts to quit... For the first time I can say with tremendous confidence 'I am a person who used to smoke!' The difference is Renee Miereanu and her Breathe Program, the ability to smoke to quit, Renee's savvy yet gentle approach to counseling and finally recognizing once and for all my Smoker's time is over ... all of the above give the Program a success rate that is quite impressive. Her approach works!"
-- R. Davidson, Commercial Real Estate
"Renee is a wonderful teacher and therapist who communicates with so much light and positive energy. It is stimulating to absorb and apply what she articulates for practical everyday living. She has inspired, within me, life's most valuable foundation: Self Love."
-- Bonnie Lykes, Student and Musician
"Renee Miereanu helped me greatly in overcoming test anxiety. She has the keen ability to pinpoint problem areas and tackle them. She helped me raise my grade by two points right after the first session! Thanks again and again Renee."
-- M. Earl, College Student


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