What a relief … you finally found Breathe®!

  • This method could actually end your smoking habit!
  • You do not have to quit smoking immediately.
  • No drugs, patches, pills or gimmicks.
  • No uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.
  • A personalized quit schedule.
  • Very simple methods that really work… if you apply and make use of them.

This procedure ...

  • Prepares you to quit.
  • Removes the nicotine addiction.
  • Assists you in observing your emotional addiction to nicotine.
  • Aids in finding support through the process of quitting.
  • Teaches you how to carefully plan prevention of relapse.
  • Helps you learn how to build a healthier lifestyle by instructing you in deep relaxation, stress management, weight control, anger management and improved communication skills.

For More Information about the BREATHE® Stop Smoking program, email to smokingends@gmail.com.

Help In Understanding your Smoking Habit

Praise for Breathe®!

“Ms. Miereanu has devised a superb technique. From her explanation of the detox program to her guided imagery cassette tape entitled It Is Done, the reader can only be delighted with the results.”
—Eleanor S. Field, Ph.D., Founding President, Los Angeles Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

“...We know from the literature that hypnosis is the most frequently used technique and may be the quickest method. The cassette taped hypnosis techniques are drawn in a most effective and safe manner.”
Fredrick J. Evans, Ph. D., Past President, International Society of Clinical Hypnosis

“I really did want to quit ... in 1983 Renee Miereanu gave me the tools and confidence to do it. Quitting was very, very easy. I’m still FREE!”
—Dwane Goodell

“I put off stopping smoking because of fear of nervousness and weight gain ... All negatives I psyched myself up for never happened!
—Kathleen K. Kuihahi

“After smoking for almost 30 years...Renee Miereanu helped me to save my life. Other programs I had tried just did not work...believe me I tried them all. Bless you Renee, from me, my husband, children and grandchildren.”
—Pat Pryor

“...Not another program to help you stop smoking...a program to help you never start again for the rest of your life...helps you develop the inner understanding of smoking urges...contains gems of wisdom that are applicable to any addiction...valuable to individuals and clinicians alike.”
—Ruth A. Smith M. Ed.


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